About company

Tocura is a dynamically developing Tuskish pharmaceutical company founded by pharmaceutical professionals who are experienced more than 16 years of extensive knowledge of Distribution, Sales and Marketing. Our company registered in United Kingdom. Our talented founders accordingly embraced the company’s culture and considered necessary to move the company forward to greater accountability and sustainable success due to their huge experience on different positions in many of the multinational pharmaceutical companies.

The main activity is the development and launch of unique combinations of known components to the pharmaceutical market. The company is represented in the countries of Europe, CIS and Central Asia. Tocura products have registration certificates and meet EurAsEC requirements. Currently, the company’s portfolio includes more than 50 names of food supplements.
Our motto is “Be Healthy with Us!”. Our mission to be a leading pharmaceutical company and to become a significant global player by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment.
The global footprint of our company includes new product research and marketing strategy and oversight. We will discover, develop and successfully market pharmaceutical products to prevent, diagnose, alleviate and cure diseases. We shall provide total customer satisfaction and achieve leadership in chosen markets, products and services across the globe, through excellence in quality, technology, based on world-class research and development and highly skilled staff. We are responsible to the society. We shall be good corporate citizens and will be driven by high ethical standards in our practices. By the end of 2023, Tocura will expand its coverage to 25 countries.
Tocura is a Turkish nutraceutical company that specializes in vitamin and mineral based food supplements, Medical Devices, focused in various health categories, with many including vitamins based on national guidelines for all age categories to support their contribution to one’s health.
We have wide range Food Supplements, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Disinfectants and Sports nutrition. Our products are manufactured in high quality production facilities are observed and controlled with US-FDA, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles of ISO 22000:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 Food Safety Management system standards. All our food supplements and Sports nutrient’ have Halal Certification and doesn’t contain any pork lard or products. Quality is very fundamental for us.
We are the only company in Turkey, which has special blistering equipment able to fill one blister with three different components, and in result of this we have a unique food supplement product. In such way we can create unique “duo format” with 2 different tablets or capsules in one blister (Day & Night formulations)or even “trio format” with 3 different components (Morning & Day & Night formulations) in one blister. The blister should be perforated to blister strips, which allows for your customer to take only one or few blister strips and to carry. Our Multiple blister formulations are very practical easy to carry, because you can easily separate blister strip according to daily dosage.
We can produce different kind of non-alcohol, sugar, flavoring or colorant free syrups with innovative NEW-CAP Technology system.